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To this end, the artist must begin by learning how to generate stillness within, to quiet the mind and body in an effort to create the necessary space in which another voice may begin to speak.


An air of mystery is paramount, opening the door for the cultivation of a genuine curiosity and openness to the power of the unknown.


One must be willing to let go of all social inhibitions, even willing to fail miserably in pursuit of the most pure, unfiltered utterance possible.


Ultimately the process, rather than the product becomes the primary focus.


The moment is the teacher.  It is by developing an intimacy with the present that the artist learns to react, to initiate, to accentuate that which is unfolding - whether individually or in collaboration with others.  


The motivation is joy, reverence, and the bliss that comes with being truly alive.

A vital component of IMPETUS experiences is the involvement of the audience in the process of discovery.  Throughout our workshops and performances, we offer unique opportunities for participants to contribute in the flow of creation - providing not only new material for expression, but also the opportunity for performers and participants to connect in new and profound ways.


Audience members are invited to "conduct" the performers, provide alternative types of notation, initiate spontaneous contributions and even join with various interludes occurring in the performance space.


IMPETUS employs a number of elements - both notated and conceptual - that provide structure and paramaters for the performers and the audience in the act of creating, resulting in experiences that intrigue, elevate and inform.




From the very beginning, artists of all kinds have described the experience of "finding", rather than personally creating their works of art, ideas or performances.  

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In the psychospiritual approach toward artistic spontaneity, the artist seeks to become a vessel, portal or channel for aesthetic inspiration; to unveil, to allow, to set free the tones, brush strokes, bodily movements or whatever is necessary to manifest artistic energy.