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                           (guitar, voice, percussion, flutes, electronics) is a sound healer and the author of "Communing with Music, Practicing The Art of Conscious Listening" through DeVorss Publications and Summit Records.

Since the initial bang of a primitive drum or the inquisitive plucking of a taught string, human beings have sought to evolve the art of musical expression - from the first tribal songs, to the collapse of western harmony at the beginning of the 20th century.  So much has been discovered, developed, displayed and uttered.  The onset of the digital age has opened musical possibilities previously unthinkable...  


Yet, we must ask, in spite of all this development and innovation - where is the next musical frontier?  What sonic and artistic capabilities are yet untapped? Where do we go from here?


For over thirty years, IMPETUS ENSEMBLE has strived to explore these questions through the art of spontaneous composition - the act of making complete musical works arise as the moment unfolds.


                   (drums, percussion) is an acclaimed musician, soundtrack artist and founder of the long running June Cleaver project.

Matthew Cantello

Chris Bradley

James Fischetti

                     (bass) is a musician and established visual artist based in New York City.

IMPETUS ENSEMBLE continually utilizes melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, sequence, juxtaposition and silence to strive for maximum creativity.  


To facilitate organic, impromptu compositions, Impetus Ensemble employs a series of techniques, both conceptual and more practical to stimulate the creative process.


The results can be unique, strange, beautiful, cacophonus, otherworldly - yet always IMPETUS...