A forum for

artistic spontaneity...

IMPETUS was founded under the belief that the spirit of improvisation holds the key to the next frontier in innovative artistic expression, whether it be music, dance, the visual arts, poetry, or any other aesthetic discipline.  


IMPETUS sees the artist's ability to improvise as an art in itself, a life-long endeavor involving not only the development of one's technique, but also that of the mind, body and spirit.  

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IMPETUS was created to provide an open forum in which artists of all kinds can collaborate, perform, and cultivate inspiration on the way to becoming rich channels

for expressions heretofore unknown.


IMPETUS was organized by the members of IMPETUS Ensemble, a musical group

dedicated to the art of improvisation for over thirty years.


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improvisation, upcoming events, IMPETUS Ensemble and more.  Be sure to join our mailing list and thank you for visiting.


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